Our origins date back to the mid-1990s when a group of residents created the Park Hill Bike Club.  They wanted to provide neighborhood youth with alternatives to gang involvement and substance abuse by providing recreational, educational and employment opportunities and an atmosphere of friendship, mutual respect and diversity.  Due to financial challenges, the Park Hill Bike Club shifted all of its equipment and operations to the Derailer Bicycle Collective in July 2004.

These same folks never gave up the idea and dream of a cycling center in Park Hill, so when in 2005, LiveWell Colorado’s Park Hill Thriving Communities asked the neighborhood what would help lessen the health disparities that plague Park Hill, the bike club idea was revived.  In addition to the need for a grocery store and safe parks to exercise in, a community bike shop was deemed a priority for the neighborhood.

Livewell and PHTC helped organize community 
leaders, forge important partnerships with Recycle Bicycles, the Denver City Bike Planner, local business representatives, Denver Parks and Recreation and other groups invested funds and established the Bike Depot in 2008.

Over the years, the Bike Depot has grown from an intermittently open workshop space, to a fully staffed, full service bike shop open 6 days a week that offers tools, space, classes, bikes, parts and programs like Fix Your Bike and Earn A Bike.

The next chapter in the Bike Depot is Bikes Together. At the rate our organization was growing, the name Bike Depot could no longer support what we do. As we moved into the year of 2016 we became Bikes Together! What was formerly the Park Hill Bike Depot became Park Hill Bikes Together and we opened the first of many new locations: Mariposa Bikes Together.