Organize a Bike Drive

YES YOU CAN! At Bikes Together, bicycles are our biggest resource after our volunteers. Without donated bikes, our gears would seize up and the whole operation would come to a grinding halt! We are always looking for old and unused bikes to get up and running again. Not only do these bikes benefit our community, we resurrect a bike that’s been sitting around collecting dust and rusting. In fact, we are the largest recycling and repurpose bike shop in the state of Colorado. 

Steps to Organize a Bicycle Collection Drive:

  1. Plan the Event: Start with one 4-hour, 1-day weekend collection in the spring or summer when the weather is good and people are already cleaning out their garages or basements. We recommend basing collections around a school, local business, place of worship or community center.
  2. Get the Word Out: Create simple flyers, spread the word on Facebook, send emails to friends, family or co-workers. Tell people about Bikes Together and what a bicycle donation can do for the community. Steer people towards our website if they need more information. We are happy to provide you with talking points and a handout in digital and paper form.
  3. Accept Donations on the Day of the Collection: This is the fun part, when you get to see the connections you’ve created in your community and see all your efforts pay off. We accept all bicycles, bike parts and bike gear, regardless of condition. All donations are tax-deductible and we will provide you with tax donation receipts for your event.
  4. Transport Bicycle Donations: By coordinating transport of the donations, you help our staff devote more time to building innovative programs and refurbishing bicycles, but we are able to help if needed. Contact us well before the event to ensure we have the resources to lend a hand.

Please contact us if you have questions or need help setting up a bike drive:

Location: 2825 Fairfax St., Denver, CO 80207

Phone Number: 303-393-1963


Thank you for supporting Bikes Together!