Custom Programs

Thank you for your interest in working with Bikes Together! We are Denver’s not-for-profit community bike shop since 2007. Bikes Together provides original and custom classes or programs for non-profit organizations and groups. Some of our partners in 2016 have included the GrowHaus, Urban Peak, Denver Green School, and more.

Each year, we receive many more partnership requests than we are able to accommodate. We created this form to enable us to better manage and filter requests. Because our capacity is limited for these sorts of events, please submit your requests as early as possible. Please expect a response within two weeks of completing this form.

For youth ages 13 and under:

  • Standard Rodeo – This is our flagship class and bike give-away program for kids. Runs about 1.5-2 hours.  Read more on our website:
  • Custom Rodeo – This is our Rodeo program, minus the bike give-away portion (class only). 1-2 hours.
  • School Bike Club – Bikes Together can help your school establish a bike club for students. This is one type of customizable partnership we offer. Costs and exact programming vary significantly; please contact the programs department for more information: 720-403-8753

For teens or adults (14+):

  • Earn-a-Bike Graduation – This is our flagship class and bike give-away program for adults. Runs 3 hours. Read more on our website:
    Note: Our standard Earn-a-Bike program requires participants to have completed 10 hours of volunteer service beforehand. Refer to the link above for more information.
  • “Referral” Earn-a-Bike Graduation – Official Referral Partners are eligible for their clients to bypass the 10-hour volunteer service requirement. Referral partners must be a non-profit agency focused on self-sufficiency and serving underserved populations.
  • Teen or Adult Custom Class – Based on our Earn-a-Bike class, participants will learn about safe riding on the roads, basic bike maintenance, and more. 1-3 hours.
  • Mechanics 101 Class– Learn the basic of bike maintenance: the A-B-C quick check and in-depth on fixing a flat tire. 1 hour.
  • Mechanics 201 Class– Learn how to make adjustments to your bike’s brakes and shifting. 2 hours.

We are also open to discussing other programs that you may envision!