Denver Spring Bike Adventure Guide

Hey there Superstar! Spring is upon us and in Denver that means bikes, fun, Rocky Mountain sunsets, prancing ponies and ice cream parties. It’s also Adventure Time. Denver offers a plethora of bike related activities to help make your Spring extra springy!

  • Bike Powered Rafts Across Sloan’s Lake

This is your opportunity to reenact jousting tournaments from Game of Thrones. Combining bikes, foam, plastic milk jugs, renaissance fair clothing and face paint in a way that defies the gods and all the things your mother warned you about, strangers and friends come together to create Ugly and risk arrest on the biggest lake in metro Denver.

  • Mount Evans Pink Rabbit Ride

Get lost in the high alpine snows of Mount Evans while wearing a full body pink bunny suit just like Ralphie from Christmas Story. After cleaning out your local costume shop, hop on a bike and start your 60 mile journey with over 9,000 feet of elevation gain. Try not to lose sight of your fellow participants as sudden snow squalls create frozen chaos and hypothermia in the span of 10 minutes.

  • Unicycle Juggling Club

Do you like Tom Selleck’s mustache and one-wheeled travel? Then grow one yourself and grab a unicycle! Meet at Cheesman Park with your pals and make sure to bring your overpriced Whole Foods olives and nutty cheese balls. As you learn the tricks of the trade from famed Quebecois uni-juggle extraordinaire, Remi LeFave, be prepared for thrills, grass stains, club initiations tattoos, errant frisbees and goose doo-doo!

  • No Light Alley Cat Ride Through The North Platte Trail

Nothing says excitement like the unlit, void-like paths of Denver’s North Platte Trail! After you trade in your bushy mustachio for a Fixie and a PBR cycling cap, you and a few Jimmy John’s employees can race towards the uncertainty of North Platte’s sketchy bridge underpasses and chunked and cracked cement bike highways. The winner is the first one to cross the bridge next to Denver’s Poop Factory!

(Disclaimer: Photo not was taken by or owned by Bikes Together)

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