Donate a Bike

One of the coolest parts of Bikes Together is what we do with bike donations. Our volunteers and staff mechanics take pride in turning a nonworking bike into a beautiful self-propelled machine. As Colorado’s largest bicycle recycler and repurposer, we give discarded bicycles a second life with an individual who doesn’t have a bike. We saved thousands of bikes from going into landfills. Donations make a difference in our community!

What you can Donate

  • BikesWe accept any bike in any shape or form. Broken or up and running, we take ‘em all.
  • Parts – We accept any bike related component or part. We’ll recycle what we can’t use.
  • Accessories – We take any bicycle related accessory even if it’s worn. As long as it’s got a second life, we’ll take it!
  • Office equipment – Pens, pencils, printer paper, staples, sticky notes, paper clips, rubber bands.
  • Cash donation – Cash donations go directly into keeping our operation running. They can come with a membership.
  • Cash donation – Donate your vehicle – Click HERE to donate your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat or trailer. Running or not.


All donations can be made at our Bike Shop at 2825 Fairfax St. during our business hours or at one of our partner locations. We cannot pick up individual bikes, but if you have ten or more bikes at one location, we, in most cases, will be able to collect them. Call 303-393-1963 to inquire.

Where can I donate?
We are proud to announce two new donation locations to make it easier for you to support Bikes Together through your donations! Support our supporters, they get it!

Pizza Pedal’r by Coors Field, is collecting donations for Bikes Together. Be sure to stop by and show them some love next time you are in their neighborhoods.

What happens to donated bikes?
All donated bikes go to one of three places:

Fixed by our mechanics and sold in our retail shop.  This is our primary source of funding for all our programs and offers the community a low-cost option for a new bike.

Into our Rodeo or Earn-A-Bike program, where youth and adults can earn a bicycle by attending a maintenance and safety class and refurbishing their chosen bike with the help of our volunteers.

If the poor bike is in completely unusable condition we strip every working piece off and recycle the rest.

What kind of bike can I donate?

We accept new and used bicycles in any condition.  We accept all kinds of bicycle parts and bicycle gear such as bells, baskets, bike flags, locks, trailers and bike clothes.

Bikes Together is a Non Profit 501(c)(3) #26-3672109.  A donation receipt is provided. 

If your business or civic group is interested in organizing a bicycle collection drive to support Bikes Together, please see the step by step Instructions for Organizing a Bike Collection Drive.

To make a cash donation to the Bikes Together to help us further support our community programs, please click here.