Congratulations! You are now enrolled in the Bikes Together Earn-a-Bike program!

Next Steps

Now that you’re enrolled in the Bikes Together’s Earn-a-Bike (EAB) program, you are just a couple steps away from receiving your bike!  Next, you will need to complete your 6 Hours of Volunteer work either with our organization, or one of our partnering organizations listed below.

If you are volunteering at a partner organization, please download and print the Hours Log.  If you prefer, you may pick up a copy of the Hours Log at any Bikes Together shop.  When your hours log is complete, scan and email to, or drop it off with a staff person at one of our shops.

Once your volunteer hours are completed and submitted, you will receive an email with a required five-minute survey.  Once you complete the survey, you will receive a link to sign yourself up for an Earn-a-Bike Graduation.   The Graduation is the final step in the Earn-a-Bike process.  It consists of a three hour class in which you will receive basic bike maintenance and safety instruction along with a “road-ready” refurbished bike, a helmet, a lock, and front and rear bike lights.  (If you don’t have email, call our Programs Line for assistance with the Graduation sign up steps: 720-403-8753).

To do your EAB volunteering at Bikes Together:

Go to our calendar here to login to sign up for “EAB service shift”.  Please only sign up for a maximum of two shifts at a time.  If you need to cancel a shift, you must contact us at or 720-403-8753.  If you no-show to a shift, you may be removed from all future shifts and asked to complete your EAB volunteer hours elsewhere.

To do your EAB volunteering with one of our partner agencies:

Here is a link (Partnering Organizations) to the list of all our partnering agencies where you may do your volunteer work.  Please print up your Hours Log and take it with you to your first shift, and have your shift supervisor sign off for each shift you complete (partnering agencies do not keep copies of the Hours Log on hand!)  When you have completed your 6 hours, simply submit the Hours Log to us at

Any questions?  Email or call the Programs Line at 720-403-8753.

Bikes Together: Earn a Bike Shift Calendar