Mariposa Bike Camp = New Possibilities!

Mariposa Bike Camp is where Kids learn Bike Fun

We are excited to announce an expansion to one of Bikes Together’s most popular programs! In it’s fifth years now, we offered kids, ages 7-14, an opportunity to be safe and responsible bike riders. And we don’t mess around; we take children safely through Denver on urban adventures while providing nurturing feedback and emphasizing teamwork and communication.

In 2016, we are doubling the possibilities with a second location where rides start and end. Mariposa offers a new set of super-duper options:

  • Direct access to the South Platte and Cherry Creek trails means longer rides on bike oriented paths means kids get to see where bicycling can really take them
  • New potential activity partners including the La Alma Rec Center and Bryers Branch public library
  • Access to a pool, increasing the fun factor of alternative activities
  • New bikes routes creating new sets of problem solving opportunities

In addition, Mariposa Bike Camp will still be run based on the format we’ve successfully  established in previous years camps. This includes:

  • 6:1 Camper to Staff ratio
  • Nurturing good decision making
  • Safety, safety, safety!
  • Empowering kids with a sense of fostered independence
  • Inspiring kids to be leaders
  • Giving kids hands-on instruction that encourages collaboration

What an average day looks like:

  • Kids meet with counselors and discuss the day’s battle plan
  • Assign each camper a roll in the group
  • Counselors make sure campers have what they need for the day
  • Mount up, it’s time to ride!
  • Traverse safely to destination using teamwork and responsibility
  • Destination Activity!
  • Lunch!
  • Team plan to get back to start location
  • Traverse urban environment safely to home base
  • Arrive Home!
  • Debrief about day’s events
  • Counselors give constructive feedback
  • Parent or Guardian picks up Camper!
  • (Intermittent mechanic instruction throughout the day!)

Sign up your youngin’ and watch their world grow one pedal at a time!

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