Become a Member or Donor


Membership with Bikes Together is where it’s at! Not only do members directly support their bike community, they gain some really cool benefits in return. Our members’ and donors’ financial support goes along way in keeping people on their bikes. Join them! If you want to see real change happen in your world, then become a part of our awesome community of bike minded people!

What are Member Benefits?

  • Discounts on new or used bikes, parts and accessories
  • One extra day per week to utilize our awesome Fix-Your-Bike program
  • Discounts on a variety of classes
  • Invitation to join staff and volunteers for our end of the month mixers at the Denver Bicycle Cafe. First beer is free!
  • Tax receipt

What does Membership support?

  • Paying for new helmets and locks for our kid’s Bike Rodeo program
  • Parts used to help refurbish an Earn-A-Bike adult bicycle
  • Paying for staff, building maintenance, and utilities to ensure program delivery
  • Paying for tools volunteers and Fix-Your-Bike participants use during our open shop hours.
  • Off-site program delivery to program partners
  • Membership helps support everything we do!

If you are not interested in the perks of membership but still want to support the important work we do, please consider giving a donation. Any amount is greatly appreciated; even just $8 can supply a helmet to a kid in need. With a $1,000 donation, we are able to give bikes, locks, helmets and lights away for a month!

There are three ways to sign up for a Bike Depot Membership:

  • Become a Member through our online store
  • Stop by the shop and check in with a Staff member!
  • Mail a check to: Attn: Memberships, 2825 Fairfax St., Denver CO 80207

By donating directly through Giving First, you ensure that 100% of your donation goes directly to our programs (Giving First doesn’t take a pesky percentage like PayPal does, but is only available for donations, not memberships).

Learn more about exact Member levels and benefits

All memberships include a free bike commuter class and admittance to Members Only Fix-Your-Bike hours.

Membership Levels and Benefits

$40 ~ Contributor
Funds bikes, helmets and locks for 2 kids in our Bike Rodeo
15% Off one Specialty Class
5% Discount on parts and accessories

$90 ~ Supporter
Supports 1 week of Fix Your Bike hours
One Free Specialty Class
7% discount on parts and accessories

$150 ~ Advocate
Supports 1 month of Earn A Bike classes
2 Free Specialty Classes
10% discount on parts and accessories
Website and Newsletter recognition

$300 ~ Sustainer
Funds one scholarship student to attend our summer bike camp
2 Free Specialty Classes and one Expert Class
15% discount on parts and accessories
Website and Newsletter recognition

$1,000 ~ Benefactor
Supports one entire seasonal bike giveaway! (75 bikes, locks, and helmets)
Free Master Mechanics Class
20% discount on parts, accessories and classes
Website and Newsletter recognition

Bikes Together is a nonprofit agency: 501(c)(3) #26-3672109
You may elect to forego the membership benefits and take the full tax donation. If you do, the Bikes Together can provide a statement that no goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution. The amount of your membership contribution which exceeds the fair market value of the benefits provided by your membership may be tax deductible, as allowed by law.

Extra really exciting stuff:

Your membership includes classes with a fair market value of:
$0 for $30 members
$20 for $90 members
$40 for $150 members
$105 for $300 members
$150 for $1,000 members plus a discount on purchases, the fair market value of which depends on the extent to which you utilize the discount. Please consult your tax professional for additional guidance.

This information is provided to meet IRS regulatory requirements. You should consult with a tax professional regarding the tax consequences of your membership contribution.

Please make a donation through, 100% of your donation goes to the Bikes Together and 100% of your donation may be tax-deductible. See the “Donate Now” link at the top of the page.