Operations Director

Lover of the band X yet worrying he’ll hear a Muzak version of one of their songs in an elevator one day, James has an unusual fixation on soft-tail cross bikes. When he’s not transporting his young daughter on a cargo bike, he usually can be found wearing flannel and pining for the Maine woods while drinking a jug of Grade B maple syrup. Despite the fact that James sports a David Lynch haircut he has none of the famed director’s talent. This frustration causes him to seek out such self-destructive habits as working for a nonprofit bike shop.

Executive Director

Ryan once lost a Bluto look-alike contest for being too nice. A Kentucky transplant via Florida, he knows a few things about biking, swamps, and reptiles despite the fact he lost his photographic memory after his two sons came along. When he’s not being the master of flow and order at Bikes Together, Ryan enjoys shredding up Boulder’s dirt with his lovely family and staring off into the horizon with an unwavering gaze.

Park Hill Retail Lead

A multiple 3rd or 4th place finisher at regional beard competitions, Mac sports Hawaiian shirts like an off-duty Thomas Magnum minus the dimples. Born in Tennessee but raised on Life’s Hard Knocks, Mr. Hardt not only can sell ice to Eskimos he will get them to purchase the deluxe, high capacity ice box with built in ice cube maker. While tending to his two-person family’s 10 bikes, Mac usually has a big jolly grin on his face which will set him up for the future Santa Claus conventions he’ll be attending by the year 2046.

Development Coordinator/Bike Camp Director

A blond wizard who love the color purple, Sam can wrench on a bike then redesign our website at the same time using the same hand. When he’s not teaching teenagers to huck frisbees to win trophies, Sam hangs in the back of the shop consuming strong coffee and defending his use of purple spoke nipples. Most of the staff think Sam might be creating a cyborg built out of Japanese Tange tubing to one day rule over Bikes Together.

Programs Coordinator

Sara completes 18-mile round trip bike commutes like it’s no big deal. When Sara is not riding her bike she rides the rails with pals and writes ballads on her ukulele with a voice that’ll break your heart. A climber of big rocks, crafter of wooden spatulas and woolen sweaters, she enjoys drinking tea with strangers and crashing dance parties where nobody else is dancing.

Mariposa General Manager

Too poor to afford a car in the wilds of Michigan, Mike found a discarded Huffy in a ditch and promptly rode the thing to the Yukon where he befriended an escaped Russian circus bear named Estrada who unicycled next to him for 500 miles. Realizing the amazing power of bicycles, he moved to Denver, commandeered an annoying white cat and shacked up with an acupuncturist. Despite his restricted diet, Mike has enough energy to spread the bike love to all corners of this Queen City on the Plains while writing elephant themed poems and stories involving mountain vampires and never ending trains.

Education Coordinator

A co-conspirator in the sadly missed Derailleur Collective, Morgan now combines her love of bikes and teaching at Bikes Together. Morgan’s modesty belies her fantastic ability to provide education to thousands of individuals with patience and practiced exactness, which is backed up with fat-knowledge and righteous wrencher ability. A giver of complex cat puzzles, Morgan not only has biked from New Mexico to Vermont, she rides true steel bikes to public libraries, Pho joints, and friendship food banquets.

Park Hill General Manager

Karate enthusiast, rabbit whisperer, Kimchi aficionado, Andrew’s spectacular love for all things bicycles permeates the air around him. A skilled mechanic who brushes off problems like Chuck Norris in a trash compactor, Andrew’s calming presence in the shop guarantees a zen-like cohesion between staff, volunteers, and customers. Hot dang, it’s amazing he’s not sitting atop a mountain doling out advice.

Mariposa Service Lead

Quick and effective like an otter shucking oysters, Caitie’s gentle nature belies a fierce dedication to helping people and getting work done like a boss. Originally from the Land of Enchantment, Caitie wandered up to Boulder to get a degree in Sociology and Women and Gender Studies before settling in Denver with a hex wrench and a tub of bike grease. When not being awakened by her cat, Pino, in the witching hour, Caitie enjoys the splendor of mountain hikes and silently judging hipsters on South Broadway.

Park Hill Service Lead

Brian wandered down from Gunnison this summer with his wife and great dane Chaz to finish off a masters degree in nonprofit management and to wrench on some bikes. A fan of the LA Kings hockey team, Brian has spent over 20 years tinkering with bikes always keeping an eye out for the shiny turquoise ones to add to his collection. When’s he’s not leading the charge in the Service Bay at Park Hill, he can be found road or mountain biking the Foothills or chasing dogs at the Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue.

Mariposa Retail Lead

The residence first emergency responder, Bikes Together found Jay riding the streets of Denver with a chain that was held together with a paper clip. A full-time student just beginning his career in racking up crippling student loan debt, Jay Wilson is literally the nicest person you’ll ever meet. Jay also loves to terrify his mother by falling off his mountain bike and by joining the Loveland Area Ski Patrol.