How Can I Help?

Financial Support – Support the Bikes Together by becoming a Member or making a cash donation. A Bikes Together Membership supports the Bikes Together financially, plus you get valuable membership benefits, which can include discounts and access to member-only nights with the use of the bike shop and access to professional mechanics and tools.

Membership and donation dollars directly fund the programs and operations that we provide to the community. Without the financial support of our members and donors, we cannot achieve our mission of making bicycling possible for everyone. Click here for details on Membership levels and benefits.

Volunteer Your Time – The Bikes Together is a volunteer-driven organization. All that we do would not be possible without the generous donation of time from our volunteers. We have a wide variety of opportunities for you to help out. Of course, there are always bikes to be worked on, but we also have a need for general office help, organizing, marketing, fundraising, event planning, etc. If you’ve got some time, we can put it to good use! Click here for more details on becoming a Bikes Together Volunteer.

Donate your used bicycles, bicycle parts, accessories and child trailers -One of the coolest parts of Bikes Together is what we do with bike donations. Our volunteers and staff mechanics take pride in turning a nonworking bike into a beautiful self-propelled machine. As Colorado’s largest bicycle recycler, we give discarded bicycles a second life with individuals who don’t have a bike. We saved thousands of bikes from going into landfills. Donations make a difference in our community!

What can I donate?

  • BikesWe accept any bike in any shape or form. Broken or up and running, we take ‘em all.
  • Parts – We accept any bike related component or part. We’ll recycle what we can’t use.
  • Accessories – We take any bicycle related accessory even if it’s worn. As long as it’s got a second life, we’ll take it!
  • Office equipment – Tables, desks, chairs, cabinets, pens, staplers, vacuums – as long as it’s in reasonable shape.
  • Electronics – Computers, Apple products (phones, pads, etc.)
  • Cash donation – Cash donations go directly into keeping our operation running. They can come with a membership.
  • Donate your vehicle – Click HERE to donate your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat or trailer. Running or not.

Where can I donate?

2825 Fairfax Street – Park Hill Bikes Together

1060 Osage Street – Mariposa Bikes Together

2907 Huron Street – Pizza Pedal’r

What happens to donated bikes?

All donated bikes go to one of three places:

  1. Fixed by our mechanics and sold in our retail shop. This is our primary source of funding for all our programs and offers the community a low-cost option for a new bike.
  2. Into our Rodeo or Earn-A-Bike program, where youth and adults can earn a bicycle by attending a maintenance and safety class and refurbishing their chosen bike with the help of our volunteers.
  3. If the poor bike is in a completely unusable condition we strip every working piece off and recycle the rest.