What’s In A Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)


For 8 years the Bike Depot has improved the lives of thousands of individuals through bike access, education and community building. The name “Bike Depot” has become synonymous with transportation empowerment, encouraging healthy living modes, inclusive community based learning opportunities and bikes, bikes and more bikes! We pride ourselves in being a bike shop open to all bike minded people which has not only made us popular, allowing us to grow, it also means that when people hear “Bike Depot” they immediately think of positive, community based programs. The name “Bike Depot” makes people happy. And it’s a fun sentence to say; “Bike Depot” rolls of the tongue smoothly while maintaining a nice flow.

But we are changing our name. The name “Bike Depot” no longer matches our future goals as an organization. As great of a name “Bike Depot” is, it lacks a few important things:

  • It isn’t unique: there are bike shops in NC, MI, IN, NY, CA, VA, MN with the name “Bike Depot” in them. This diminishes the singularity of our organization.
  • “Bike Depot” is also the name of an interior bike storage system that can be bought and installed at any desired location.
  • “Bike Depots” are also the name of public bike stations that provide showers, lockers, bicycle parking, and food/beverage options. These are typically along light rail lines or in public transportation buildings. With the new A-Line train to the Denver airport there’s a potential for confusing their bike stations with our name.

Last year we decided we needed to a new name to reflect who we are and to correspond with the opening of our second location in the La Alma/Lincoln neighborhood. Bikes Together is the Bike Depot 2.0: the same amazing staff and volunteer providing the same exciting programs and opportunities but on a higher level:

  • “Bikes Together” better reflects who we are. We all come from different places and have different experiences but the bicycle brings us together and gives us common ground to connect with one another.
  • A second location allows us to bring bicycles to new people and new communities. We believe the bicycle is a wonderful tool for not just transportation but for allowing people to positively affect their lives.
  • “Bikes Together” is a unique name that also brings to it an instant understanding to what we do and how we stand with each other.
  • “Bikes Together” allows us to come at Denver with a fresh face with its goals written all over it. We are not just your average bike shop; we are here to improve lives and inspire healthy transportation changes.

As beloved as the “Bike Depot” was, we are confident that when people say the name “Bikes Together” the positive weight of those words will carry with it the inspiration to join our community and spread the “word” about the power of the bicycle!

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