Yes, You Can Be A Bike Mechanic!

Do you find the thought of working on your own bike terrifying?

Are you filled with dread whenever you run over glass or those terrible thorny goat heads that litter Denver’s Streets?

Do you stare at a bike and immediately look away in fear that that stare will somehow destroy all the working parts?

I say to you, NO MORE! The time is nigh for your to break down the intimidation factor and pick up a wrench. The bike is one of the few vehicles around where you can see all the moving parts at work. The lack of an outer covering can, for many, make the bicycle an intimidating machine to approach. Even for an everyday bike commuter, the thought of fixing their own bike brings waves of terror and pangs of shame. This is where Bikes Together can step in and teach you everything you need to know about maintaining your two-wheeled steed.

What we offer:

  • Affordable classes! Anything from $10 Mechanic 101 where you fix flats to our famous 6-part, 12 hour Master Mechanics class where you go through and learn everything.
  • Volunteering! Our volunteers get free trainings and classes. They get the opportunity to work on bikes every day they volunteer and we provide an atmosphere where mistakes are okay and questions are encouraged. By submerging yourself within a core group of bike minded individuals you inherently pick up the puzzle pieces that make up all the individual parts on a bike.
  • Fix-Your-Bike! During FYB you get to work on your own bike and receive help from our volunteer mechanics and free use of tools. This is the easiest way to access us and we want you to learn so getting lost, asking questions and taking leaps is all right by us.
  • Available helpful Staff! Our staff are there to serve you. We can answer your questions to the best of our ability without shaming you for not knowing the basics. We want you on a bike and the best way to ensure that is to give you the knowledge you need.

Knowing how to fix and maintain a bike can get you a job, lead to a lifelong career or a rewarding hobby, give you self-confidence and/or enable you to become a teacher to those who lack bike knowledge. Whatever your interest is in learning how to be a better mechanic, Bikes Together is the best place in Denver to gain those skills. And, by tearing down the intimidation wall, you open yourself up to a new world that you can share with others.

(Disclaimer: Photo not was taken by or owned by Bikes Together)

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