College Internship

Reports to: Camp Director, specified Instructor

Season: June 3 – August 16, 2019 (could be extended if necessary)

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm

Position Purpose:

The Interns’ main purpose is to assist Bike Camp Instructors in day to day responsibilities, while building leadership skills, acquiring job experience, and completing tasks that meet the needs their individual college program.

Essential Job Functions: (these functions can be adapted to meet the needs individual college programs)

  • Maintain camper safety
    • Mitigate risk during group rides
    • Supervise campers at all times
    • Perform first aid, CPR, or use of an AED, in the event of an emergency.
  • Assist in daily group rides
    • Learn and help navigate routes
    • Encourage campers to follow all procedures during rides
  • Assist in bike mechanic, riding skills, and route planning curriculum
    • Review and assist in facilitating lesson plans
    • Assist in preparing materials for lesson plans
    • Assist in employing different learning methods during lessons
  • Assist in team building activities
    • Lead and participate in specific games and activities designed to encourage teamwork
    • Assist in maintaining an inclusive atmosphere at all times
  • Assist in community service projects
    • Review service project plans and assist in facilitation
    • Ensure all materials are ready and available for service projects
    • Maintain a team building atmosphere during service projects

Other Job Duties:

  • Facilitate sign in/sign out
  • Clean facility
  • Perform minor repairs to camper bikes


Interns will be required to interact with Instructors, CIT’s, campers, parents, and the Camp Director on a daily basis. On occasion, Interns may need to interact with facilities staff, Bikes Together staff, Bikes Together volunteers, medical and law enforcement personnel, child protection services employees, and the general public. CIT’s will report to the Intern assigned to their group, as well as the Camp Director and Instructor assigned to their group.

Equipment Used:

  • Bicycle ●   Air compressor ●   Vehicle (in the event of an emergency)
  • Hand tools ●   Power tools


  • At least 18 years old at time of camp
  • Experience supervising children (preferably 1+ professional years)
  • Cycling expertise or experience
  • Ability to pass a First Aid/CPR/AED course (provided by Bike Camp)
  • Patience, maturity, leadership skills, and enjoy working with children.

Prefered Skills

  • Bicycle mechanics skills
  • Teaching expertise or experience
  • Camp expertise or experience

Physical Aspects of the Job:

Interns are required to complete daily rides that can range from 1-35 miles depending on the age group they are with. These rides are slow paced and include plenty of breaks along the way. Interns must be able to ride a bicycle with one hand while looking in all directions and maintaining a straight line. Instructors will need to routinely lift 50lbs of weight.