What’s Free:

1. Access to Bike Stands
2. Access to Tools
3. Help from our Amazing Volunteers and staff
4. Use of chain oil, grease, cleaner, rags, and tube patches

What’s NOT free:

2. Someone else doing the work for you!

We sell used parts for pretty cheap. If you have any trouble paying for parts, please check in with staff and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. We also do sell new parts.

Fix Your Bike

Fix-Your-Bike is open to ANYONE, regardless of ability, and is designed to get your bike up and running at minimal cost. All you have to do is show up during designated hours (see below), and you get free access to our space, tools, and volunteer mechanics. You do the work, but our volunteers are there to lend a hand and guide you to making your bike awesome! This is a community atmosphere, welcome to everyone, regardless of gender, race, income, etc. We don’t care if you don’t know anything about fixing bikes because we are the place where you can learn without judgement!

We have 6 benches, two wheel truing stations, a tube patching table and most specialized tools you could want for wrenching bikes. No appointment necessary, but space is limited and is first come, first serve with a 90 minute time limit (which can be extended if there’s no one else waiting for a stand).

Membership Fix-Your-Bike Program

Membership is another way to support Bikes Together while gaining better access to the Shop. Starting at $40 minimum for a year, Members get an additional day during the week to work on their bikes at the Park Hill location. Check out our Membership page on this site for more details.

Fix-Your-Bike Hours:

Tuesday:: 4pm-6:45pm

Wednesday:: 4pm-6:45pm

Saturday:: 11am-4:45pm

Members Only FYB Hours:

Thursday:: 4pm-6:45pm (Park Hill Only)