Bikes Together has a unique model as a nonprofit. Our programs are why we are here; getting bicycles to the individuals who need them while providing education and free bike maintenance opportunities is our goal and motivation. But we also sell bikes, parts, and accessories as well as being a pay-to-fix full-service bike shop. This allows Bikes Together to offer many more options for access to bikes than we would as either a traditional nonprofit or a commercial bike shop. All profit from our Retail Shop goes back into funding our programs, so if you get your bike fixed by us you can feel good about supporting your community, as well as keeping your bike on the road!


Bikes Together offer’s a full-service shop; like any bike shop in town you can pay us to fix your bike. Our rock solid mechanics can spend the time to put your bike in their stands and give you a free assessment and estimate. Our prices are some of the best in town and our customer service is top of the line. Your business means you are supporting our nonprofit mission of education and bicycle access.

Used Bikes

We have the best selection of used bikes in Denver. No Joke! Because all of our Retail Bikes are donated, we see a huge variety of bicycles that span decades. From vintage to almost new, our selection varies on a daily basis. Even if you’re not in the market for a bike, it’s sometimes really cool to see what our mechanics got rolling again. In addition to getting an awesome bike to ride, our bikes come with some great incentives:

  • All our bikes are tuned up and ready to roll.
  • Our mechanics spend between 4-6 hours completely overhauling our retail bikes to like new (or better than new) condition.
  • All bikes come with a 30-day warranty.
  • Bike sales support our mission.
  • Buying a used bike is more sustainable.
  • You get more bang for your buck buying used!

Call or stop in, our experienced sales folk are more than happy to spend the time to get you the bike you’ve always wanted!

New Parts and Accessories

We carry items that can improve your riding experience for commuting, mountain biking, or throwing on the old spandex and eyeing Lookout Mountain. We strive to carry quality products at affordable prices. In addition, we can always special order almost any product we don’t have in stock since we have access to a dozen or so distributors.

Used parts

Hands down, Bikes Together is the best place to buy used parts in Denver. Not only are our prices well below eBay or Craigslist, our variety is endless. We are a bike hobbyist’s dream shop. Anytime we are open you can come peruse our bins of organized bike components. At this time most of our parts are not priced but our experienced staff can quickly price you out. Most items (except for wheels and frames) price out between $5-$20 unless you find something amazing.

We recommend shopping for parts during our Fix-Your-Bike open shop hours, especially if you are trying to match up parts with a frame or bike. If you check in for FYB, you get to use tools to install parts on your bike.